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Talang Balai, The Village of The Traders (in English)

What comes in your mind when you first hear "talang balai" ? of course it's the name of a place but It's not somewhat like a jungle and neither a meeting hall.

Talang Balai is the name of a prosperous village in Tanjung Raja District, Ogan Ilir regency in the Province of South Sumatera, Indonesia.

You will find that most of the villagers are merchants and traders. Some of them trade to the different region outside their border (ouside the district and even outside the province. Only a little number of them who work as farmer, fisherman, or official staff of a government institution.

"Most of people here don't want to be PNS..," said H.Hanan, one of the senior merchant. "It's better to gain profit from our merchandise than to pay much money to become the servant (PNS)" furthermore he add.

The neighborhood lives has trained the children of the villager from 7 years old to become a good seller. Almost each Kecamatan "District" has its kalangan.
There are Kalangan Tanjung Raje, Kalangan Tanjung Batu, Kalangan Payaraman, Kalangan Lubuk Keliat, Kalangan Sementul, etc.
The parents usually bring their children to the market "Kalangan" and train the children everyting about selling and serving the customers well. And when they has growth mature, some of them travel amongst the country with different destination like: Pulau Bangka, Lampung, Jambi, Java, etc.

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